Fishing gear for the kayak is entirely the angler's choice

Getting Started

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What type of fishing gear you bring out on the kayak is going to depend on a number of different factors such as where you are fishing or for what species. I am not going to go through gear for

The Rule of Twelfths bar chart

The Rule of Twelfths

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One thing that has a huge bearing on how far kayaks paddle is how fast or strong the tidal flow they will be traveling with or against is. I grew up on the east coast of Ireland and this is

anchoring is essential for some species like ray


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Let’s say that you don’t want to drift any more. You have tried it and while you had immense fun fishing from a drifting kayak, you now want to target species like ray that will require a static bait. Presenting

drifting on a glassy sea


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The most popular way for people to fish from a kayak is while drifting. This method of angling has many advantages; covering lots of water, seeking out the fish and no messing with anchor lines are but a few.  As

5 - note the use of the paddle as a stabiliser

Self Rescue

Jan. 25, 2017 by

One of the most vital skills that any kayak angler must learn before heading out is that of self-rescue. What is self-rescue? It is the ability to be able to pull oneself up onto one’s kayak unassisted after capsizing. As